Kalibium it’s not just a classic Playing Card Deck. It’s A utopian world, divided into four kingdoms.
Each of those kingdoms has its own ‚undeniable’ recipe for the truth:

♦♦♦ The Kingdom of Rust ♦♦♦ – Everything that exists, exists to be used

♣♣♣ The Kingdom of Dreams ♣♣♣ – a dream is a key that opens every door

♠♠♠ The Kingdom of Liquid ♠♠♠ – everything flows and liquid can take any shape

♥♥♥ The Kingdom of Rebirth ♥♥♥ – by going round in circle everything is reborn endlessly

Drowned in stagnation and apathy, the universum slowly falls a sleep. In the meantime, chaos creeps into this world through the back door, in the form of mysterios guests with unknown plans…