About Me

Hi there

It’s hard to describe yourself in an interesting manner, especialy when you

don’t do it very often. With the intention not to bore you to death, lets skip

the tales about birthplace and how I got started with digital painting. Such

stories, despite their flavour, would take too much time to tell. Instead, the

thing I want you to remember is that I am what I do, and what I do is more than me.

I love sailing on the ship of imagination, and my mind is always on endless

carousel of thoughts.

I like to work on interesting and engaging projects where you can share

more than just a pretty pictures.






2017 Kalibium – Story & Illustrations

2016 Publishing house Zysk i ska – „Ryszard III York” Book Cover

2015–2016 Jujubee – Conceptarts & illustrations

2015 Awaken Realms – „The Edge” Cards layout

2015 Jagacon – Jagacon -graphic designer, administrator

2015 Publishing house Niedobre literki – „Bizarro dla zaawansowanych” Book Cover

2014 Jagacon -graphic designer, administrator

2013 – 2014 Kuźnia Gier – illustrator for card game Veto

2013 Flycube – Dancer

2013 Community Center – Oil Painting Tutor

2013 Community Center – Graffiti&Street Art. Tutor

2008 – 2014 Community Center – Breakdance Tutor